Friday, May 16, 2008

Readers' Reviews Praise Gracefully!

Reviews posted on Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

Think you're too old to reinvent yourself and start a new career?

Valerie Ramsey says, 'Think Again'
Margaret Ferris, A reviewer, 05/08/2008

"Valerie Ramsey is a traditional woman that every modern day person can relate to. She is a great beauty inside and out..... tenacious, unselfish and inspirational, she gives us hope and practical advise on everything from raising a family of six children to selling golf balls at Pebble Beach. Her motto 'don't be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up' is 'spot on'. I loved it."

Motivational and Practical

"I found this book to be so easy to read with practical useful advice on creating a life that you want. It was inspirational at the same time, making me reaffirm my beliefs that one can accomplish whatever one puts one's mind to. I have passed this on to my mother and recommended to my girlfriends and aunts, but the over-riding message of this book is applicable to both genders. Worth the read. I took away tips to apply in daily life as well as future planning/dreaming." LMC, Charlottesville, VA

Wonderful and Inspiring

"This is a book that is as fresh as a glorious spring day! Valerie Ramsey and Heather Hummel are two special women who share not only an inspiring mother-daughter relationship, but also a zest for life that touches and inspires others. Beautifully written, it's a book that you'll want to read more than once."

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